A Guaranteed Personal Disability
Insurance Policy.

Since 1999, Hurley Associates is the only approved disability insurance broker for UPMC Medical Education. Our offerings are continuously vetted by GME and UPMC HR, representing all major insurance companies, with exclusive pricing and policies only available to UPMC trainees that can follow you after graduation.

Most trainees tell us they are looking for disability insurance that:

• Protects their medical specialty (own-occupation medical specialty)

• Can be taken with them at graduation (portable)

• Is Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) with no health/Rx questions and no exam

• Can grow with them as their income grows (guaranteed future income options)

• Is affordable to meet the budget now; but still protect them as an attending

• Cannot be changed by the insurance company (guaranteed renewable; non-cancellable)

• Is from a reputable insurance company with history of insuring physicians in their specialty

Qualifying for a disability insurance policy can be difficult

One of three things can happen when you apply for a policy:

• You can be declined and not offered a policy

• You can be approved; but with exclusions or a price increase because of pre-existing health/medication history

• You can be approved without penalty

Companies look back 20 years at health, medication, and injury history. Statistically, over half of all disability applications are either declined or receive a penalty/modification. That is why we are excited to announce an enhancement to the Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program: an increase in specialty-protection from $10,000/month to $15,000/month!

Program Highlights

This program allows you to obtain a personal disability insurance policy that pays up to $15,000 a month tax free – on a guaranteed issue basis.

• True Own-Occupation with Enhanced Medical Specialty

• Permanent & Portable Policy. 20-30% Discount

• $15,000 Monthly Benefit Maximum

• Guaranteed Renewable and Non-Cancellable

• No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

• No medical health/history questions if first time applicant

• No exam or lab work required

• No price penalty