Common Questions

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Is there a deadline to take advantage of the GSI Program?

The GSI Program is available during your entire time in training, from residency to fellowship (including any research or T32 years). However, eligibility ends with graduation and you must submit an application prior to your graduation from your program (including off-cycle program graduation).

Does the GSI Program only protect me while I am in training?

No, the GSI Program is designed to be purchased in training (and has institution sponsored discounts on pricing) but the policy is designed to travel with you and protect you during your entire career. The discounts are also permanent and stay with you for your career.

What types of health conditions, medications, or pre-existing history will impact my disability insurance application?

They vary from the significant, to what might be considered clinically insignificant: Anxiety/Depression/ADHD diagnosis (and/or prescribed medications); self-prescriptions/refills; broken bones/injuries within the last 10-years; diabetes; GERD; PCOS; PKD; migraines; IBS/IBD; Genetic or congenital disorder; concussion; carpal tunnel; eczema; RA; SVT, etc.

I purchased life insurance already; will that impact the GSI Program?

No, a life insurance application/policy does not impact the GSI Program. However, be aware, and confirm that your life insurance agent/advisor is not concurrently submitting a disability insurance application (as this is rather common).

Why is it recommended to apply for the GSI Program first?

Statistically, over half of all disability insurance applications are either declined or receive a modification/penalty. If you are applying for disability insurance, and do not want to risk being penalized, or declined, you must apply for the GSI Program before you apply for any other disability policy.

Is my financial planner or my insurance agent able to offer the GSI Program?

No, the GSI Program is exclusively managed and offered through Hurley Associates. However, your Financial Advisor or insurance agent may already know of the GSI Program and can make the proper recommendation and introduction to Hurley Associates.

Is there a "catch" with the GSI Program?

The GSI Program permits all trainees to purchase a true own-occupation disability insurance policy, with no health questions and no exam. However, if you have already applied for disability insurance, and were declined for a policy, or if you received a policy but it was modified/penalized, you are likely not eligible for the GSI Program.

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