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In recognition of their work with area health care executives and physicians, Hurley Associates has been named an MD Preferred Affiliated Insurance Practice. Each year, US Medical Specialties, Inc., a national medical consulting firm, recognizes excellence in service to the medical community in a number of professional disciplines including real estate, insurance, accounting, banking, financial and legal services. The goals of the MD Preferred Program include identifying, acknowledging and promoting agents who provide service excellence to the medical community.

Physicians – We get you. We may not know all the details of your life or what makes you truly unique, but we do know many of the things that you have in common with other healthcare professionals and what makes you different.
  • The cost of entry into the medical profession is extremely high, leaving most physicians with a significant amount of student loan debt. Because of your lengthy and extensive training, you arrive to the party several years later than your peers. The challenge is paying down the debt, while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle without hurting your retirement. The future is closer than you think and if you have a plan, you’ll be further ahead of the game.
  • Unlike most other occupations, where employees receive a paycheck they can count on, federal regulations can have an impact on both the regularity of your reimbursements and the amount of your income. In other words, when the government sneezes, you get the cold. We have seen the impact that Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement changes have had on our clients’ income and the effect these changes have had on their long term financial plans.
  • Most physicians rank among the top income earners nationwide. However a healthy income doesn’t always result in a healthy balance sheet. In fact, for some physicians (We didn’t say all), the more money they make, the more financial trouble they get into. Now, we would never imply that you aren’t entitled to enjoy the rewards of a financially success career. On the contrary, with a well thought out and well executed financial plan, you‘re far more likely to enjoy your success.
  • Your profession also provides for opportunities to make significant changes in the way you practice medicine. For example, you may choose to participate in a multi-physician practice or become an employee of a hospital system. As a result, you may be giving up higher income for more predictable income, or vice versa. As a result, your responsibilities, liabilities, taxation and lifestyle will change. We can guide you through many of these potential changes and make the financial transition as seamless as possible.
  • Compensation for employee physicians often comes in the form of salary and incentive pay. While salary may be used for calculating your benefits, incentive pay may be the biggest factor in determining your lifestyle. That makes it your responsibility to fill the gaps left by your employer’s life and disability insurance plans.

As a group, we know you and we know what you are thinking. No, we can’t read your mind, but we do hear the same questions and concerns over and over again. So that gives us pretty good idea of the things that are important to you, as a physicians.

Where do I begin?

You are very popular! Everybody wants your business. Physicians are highly sought after by all sorts of industries. Real estate agents want to sell you a big home. Auto dealers want to sell you a luxury vehicle. And of course, financial service providers want your loans, your insurance, your savings and investment business. When it comes to financial services, where do you start? Who do you trust and what do you need? Perhaps we can help.

Common Questions

My employer provides disability insurance. Is it adequate?

While employer-provided disability insurance plans can certainly have value, they don’t always provide the full protection that you would want and need to have if an injury or illness kept you from practicing your craft. However, you can often supplement your employer plan with a personal policy having a custom benefit package. For example, personal policies can offer long term “specialty coverage” that most employer groups do not provide. As a group, physicians understand the value of disability insurance more than most other professions. However, they do not always understand the subtle differences in policy language or how that language can significantly impact their lives should a disability occur.

I want to pay off my student loans before I start planning for the future.

We hear this from newly practicing physicians all the time. So, is it a good idea? Maybe. Maybe not. While we completely understand the rationale of starting out on the right foot by eliminating debt, it can be counterproductive to put your financial decisions in a vacuum. It makes more sense to look at the big picture and then make decisions on how to manage the debt. If you are fresh out of residency or fellowship, going from $50,000 a year to four or five times that much, literally overnight, is a huge deal. Seasoned, professional advice is crucial at this point in your life and will help you to put things in perspective so that you can make better decisions. Remember the butterfly effect – every action has consequences – often unintended.

I don’t have a lot of spare time.

You want this to be easy, yet thorough. You want true value with minimum investment. Of course you do! Everybody is busy – especially physicians. So you require a streamlined financial strategies process that you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about – but you understand. Whether we are providing financial education programs through a hospital system or meeting one on one with you, our overall objective is the same – to provide information that is accurate, valuable and relevant. We cater to physicians. We know your challenges and concerns. It’s what we do best. Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

I have been in practice for 20 years. Is it too late for financial planning?

Let’s put it another way. If I hadn’t exercised in 20 years, would you tell me it’s too late to start? Probably not. Starting an exercise program today may be more challenging because of age or physical condition, but it can still have a positive impact on your well being. Similarly, taking a “big picture” look at your financial life and your objectives, then creating and executing a comprehensive plan, even at mid life or beyond, can have a positive impact on your financial well being. Certainly, time lost could create challenges, but we are up the challenge if you are. Having worked with physicians at every stage of life, our financial professionals are well equipped to take you through the planning process to find solutions that fit your needs as well as your wants.

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